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person of the year in the world

Time Person of The Year

 Time person of the year   Time Magazine has declared ‘Time person of the Year’ since 1927. Throughout the year, the media have selected the most influential, good-bad, notable personalities, organizations or organizations in the media as the best. This time there was no exception. Time magazine released a short list of 10 people nominated for Time Person of The ...

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The smallest country in the world

The smallest country in the world   Every person has a question. How many countries in the world? It’s a common question but we do not know this answer. When it is recognized by the united nation then the answer is 192. There are the different country in the world. Many countries are big and many of country are the ...

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History Of White House

About the white house   The white house is in Washington DC in the US. The House, at the same time, the US president’s office and residence of his family. Human curiosity is not less about the pictures and news of the White. Tourists from abroad and abroad also came here to visit. The House got accustomed to the global ...

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Paradise Papers Scandal

                       paradise papers   Paradise Papers is a huge database of financial transactions and ownership-related information on more than 25,000 companies in the world. The wealthy, well-known and influential people of 180 countries of the world are owned by these institutions. Originally, after these documents of a firm are leaked ...

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Top 10 universities In The World

Famous University

             Famous University in the world     The famous University of Ghana is collecting knowledge. And teachers are undoubtedly the man-made craftsmen. The bright students have the dreams to read in the Famous University In The World. Many parents also want their children to study in these famous university studios and climb the fame of fame. Every ...

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