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World famous museums

World famous museums   Museums mean historical, archaeological archives. In other words, the museum is the reflection of all history from the time of human triumph to the earth. When you enter the museum you will lose, another time. You can very well know the history of civilization here. Some famous museums in the world.Most of the major museums in ...

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List of the best awards Names

award names

    List of the Best Awards Name      Best awards  Names comes with the best work. It can be said again, my best work to match the best recognition. This recognition or reward is meant to make meaningful contributions to different areas. These venues can be sports, politics, education, literature, science or arts. Because the field of contribution is ...

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World Most Luxury Business Jet

   World most Luxury business jet     The most modern medium for fast travel is the plane or the aircraft. Not all airplanes are anyway. Some airplanes are just plain and some of the flying hotels. They are as interesting from the outside as well as the splendid inside. These aircraft are the most advanced technology aircraft. The world’s ...

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person of the year in the world

Time Person of The Year

 Time person of the year   Time Magazine has declared ‘Time person of the Year’ since 1927. Throughout the year, the media have selected the most influential, good-bad, notable personalities, organizations or organizations in the media as the best. This time there was no exception. Time magazine released a short list of 10 people nominated for Time Person of The ...

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The smallest country in the world

The smallest country in the world   Every person has a question. How many countries in the world? It’s a common question but we do not know this answer. When it is recognized by the united nation then the answer is 192. There are the different country in the world. Many countries are big and many of country are the ...

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