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Argentina will be eliminated quarter-finals!

download-1 Argentina will be eliminated quarter-finals!

Russia world cup: Lionel Messi’s Argentina lost 4-3 after losing to France in the second round. But in the quarter-finals, Argentina will also face the last four. However, there are no eleven players in the field, but an Argentine referee will handle 22 fielders.


France and Argentine neighbors Uruguay, who left Argentina for the World Cup, will face the first match in the last eight on Friday, June 6. Argentine Referee Neistara Pitta received the responsibility of managing the match. Not only that, the two Argentine referees will also be assisted by the father’s assistant in this match.


They are Hernan Maidana and Juan Pablo Belatti. Iran’s Alireza Fagani, who will be the fourth referee in the Argentine’s second-round match, FIFA names 4 match referees for quarter-finals on Wednesday night


Argentine Father’s Evening World Cup, Russia also ran the inaugural match between Saudi Arabia. The 43-year-old Argentine was also in charge of the Croatia-Denmark match in Mexico-Sweden and the last sixteen in the first round



Big bad news for Brazil fan

download-1 Argentina will be eliminated quarter-finals!

Brazil’s defensive performance in the current World Cup And behind this, the defensive midfielder Casemero has a big contribution. In the absence of experienced defender Dani Alvez, there was a great responsibility to keep her shoulder on her shoulders. In the second round, in four matches, Casemero played well. But in the quarter-finals, Brazil’s defense cannot handle Casemero.


Casimiro has fouled several times in four matches during Brazil’s goose-strike. Out of which two referees were guilty of crime As a result, in the group stage match 1 and the second round, against Mexico in Mexico, 1 yellow cards were seen in the catchment.


According to FIFA World Cup rules, if a player sees two yellow cards or 1 red card before the quarter-finals, then the next match will be banned. Can not play Casimero quarter-final in the usual rules. This is a bad news in the Brazilian camp. Fernandinho will handle the defense in his place. The match for the quarter-final next Friday will be held in Bharatiya




Brazil will play against Belgium in the quarterfinal match on Friday at 12 pm. And with this match, the team’s left-handed batsman Marcelo will return again. So, after two games, the team was to lose Philip Luis


Meanwhile, Casimiro cannot play this match He is suspended due to the yellow card of the pair. Fernandinho will play in his place.



There is no concern with the Brazilian side of having a personal craft player like Neymar, Belgium has not The team defender Vincent Company said the sleeper was not being wasted due to concern.


Brazil emerged in the quarter-finals by beating Brazil Neymar and Roberto Ferminova beat Mexico 2-0 in the last sixteen matches. On the other hand, after two rounds of digestion, Belgium went on to win 3-2 against Japan in Belgium.


After the dramatic victory against Japan, Belgian coach Roberto Martins has left Brazil in front of the match and there is nothing to fear. He said he would be better off for Belgium if he did not want to pay the fees. In the Russia World Cup, after losing the injury, the first game against Japan came to an end with the company coaches.

download-1 Argentina will be eliminated quarter-finals!

“Brazil is the strongest team in the World Cup in this World Cup in terms of individual skill. This is a compliment, but it will not affect our chance of winning against them. We have already lost to Brazil – none of us will sleep on that idea. ”

“Their protection, they won all in the dual defense. They are not afraid of the attack on OneOne. They always have a key to playing under any circumstances. ”


The company believes that Belgium will have to fight by eliminating personal craft dependence.


“We will fight fearlessly but if we make a match based on personal skills, we will lose.”


“If it becomes a match for personal craft, then we have no chance. But if we become a team and fight for each other, then we can win and that came to me. “Russia has so far scored 12 goals in the World Cup, Belgium. The company said they are in continuation of improvement.

“We are playing an interesting football technique. We scored a lot and showed our good side. ”

“We’re continuously improving. We have to perform only one step higher against Brazil. At least I hope we can do that.

A country that does not play football in this world cannot be found. Football popularity worldwide Football is the absolute dominance throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Australia.

download-1 Argentina will be eliminated quarter-finals!

The popularity of football is such that it is impossible to describe it in a very small way. There are 400 million visitors scattered throughout the seven continents. In fact, there will be no more surprising if the number is more. Footballers will be more than 500 crores. In fact, from small children to obsessive old people, football fans everywhere.


Statistically, there are 25 million footballers in more than 200 countries. There is a lot of doubt about whether there is so much of a player in the game. Attack and counter-attack, football can spread tension every moment. That’s why football is the most popular.


Especially in the world of stars, everyone was eagerly waiting to see the game. Whether in the field or on television, the spectators watch the famous star-playing game.


Pele, Maradona, Christian Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, everyone looks to see the game. Since the beginning of creation, football is the most popular game till now and it will remain the best till the last day, there is no doubt about it.

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