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smoking facts for kids

smoking facts for kids

The child is playing in the house at home. Father with utmost reliance is here But he is smoking to watch TV. But you know, this dear father is the biggest harm to your child? Many people smoke in front of children. This indirect smoking for baby may be a cause of serious harm and threat. Today we are discussing smoking facts for kids.

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Indirect smoking may cause damage to the baby’s artery. It increases the risk of heart attack and stroke at an adult. Children breathe rapidly, without their breathing and immune system too. So cigarette smoke easily causes the children to enter the respiratory system. Pneumonia, bronchiolitis, bronchitis, asthma and other diseases due to indirect smoking.



smoking facts for kids:  The white blood cell of the body of indigenous smoking cannot function properly. As a result, the child is rarely diseased. In the United Kingdom, 17 thousand children are admitted to different diseases due to indirect smoking in the UK. Apart from this, there may be medicinal inflammation, deafness, headaches, dizziness, jhumuni, unrest. Cigarette smoke inhibits normal growth and mental growth of the child. In a study in the United States, most of the children who are less skilled in mathematics and logic, most of them are parents and smokers. So smoking is an effective fact for kids.

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They do not even learn to behave properly with teachers and classmates.
If the mother smoking during pregnancy, the child is severely damaged. Because the carbon that is carried out in the body of the fetus, its carbon monoxide reduces its oxygen capacity. Nicotine reduces blood supply to the fetus. As a result, adequate nutrition from the mother’s body can not go to the body of a fetus, so the growth of the child is also hindered. Besides, smoking can lead to abortion or immature children.


These immature children are at risk of death due to infection or any other reason.
It is also found in the study that children are attracted easily by parents, elder brothers or others in the family. So, thinking about the future generation has come to be aware. Avoid smoking in public places and at home.

Smoking can push not only the elderly but also the life of children in jeopardy. The researchers found that the children who smoke around were negatively influenced by their arteries.

Their studies have shown that tobacco smoke indirectly begins to infect children and severe injuries to the tin applicants. The research led by the Turku University of Finland. Catarina ink. In a statement, Kali said in a statement: “Previous studies have shown that indigestion is full of vascular damage to the blood of the elderly. But before this study, we did not know that if someone smokes next to them, then children and adolescent boys are also harmed. ”


why is smoking bad for you facts
Due to the correlation of atherosclerosis, coronary walls are found to be very thick in ultrasound. The children who had the highest number of blood in the blood, their carotid artery wall was found to be 7 percent thicker than the smallest million children in the arteries. Their arrows were eight percent thick. The research team of Kalio published their results in the journal ‘Circular: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcome’.The anti-smoking campaign study team of Kalio’s team runs 4,414 children in 8 to 13 years of study including heart disease. When someone smoking a nicotine after making a cigarette, it was measured in the body of these children. These children are divided into three categories of high, middle and lower levels, based on the amount of blood circulation. These children are used to measure the thickness of the aorta and neck carotid arteries.

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Ink says, “All these results indicate that children should never be allowed to go near any type of smoking. Even the slightest amount of tobacco smoke is harmful to the blood vessels. “In October, the US Institute of Medicine reported in the report of the Institute of Medicine,” If smoking in the house is banned, the level of indirect smoking reduces to non-smokers.

Smoking can be unable to be a dad of menAs as a result, the risk of heart disease decreases. ”
According to the data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Heart Association, another US organization said, “46 thousand Americans die of heart attack due to smoking in smokers.” Besides, the World Lounge Foundation and ” The American Cancer Society has expressed ‘apprehension that’ tobacco cancer, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy And 60 million people will be killed due to other diseases. This will cost the cost of treatment 500 billion dollars per year. ”

‘Smoking is harmful to health‘ – Cigarette packets, screen screens, can be read everywhere, this warning. The extent of the damage is not only the risk of cancer, but German scientists have proved to be of serious consequences on reproduction.

Smoking is harmful to health:

Everyone first thought of lung cancer. But many do not know that tobacco smoke can affect the reproductive capacity of men. Smokers who have the ability to survive and survival have less power than other people.
Scientists at Surround University in Germany have proved to the smoker the change in the genome membrane of the sperm count. That is, the person who wants to be the father of a male child should avoid smoking. Biochemist Professor Matthias Montender said,”Cigarette smoke contains substances that change the genome in the chemical process. As a result, it can not fertilize the egg. Moreover, the speed of the semen, reaching the egg, changes the pace. As a result, the normal reproduction process is interrupted. That is why many smokers can not give birth. ”

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Researchers also found that smokers have found relatively much more amount of quantity in sperm, which is produced by the breakdown of nicotine. One of the consequences is that smoking causes damage to the ‘fitness’ of the sperm count, which is clearly visible. These differences are seen in the non-smokers on the left and if the smokers have semen on the right side.


Tobacco smoke creates a ‘free radical’ or aggressive small particle in the body, which quickly reacts when the body is exposed to other molecules. As a result, those molecules are damaged. Professor Montender said, “Free radicals” that occur in semen will change fatty acids. This causes the membrane to be damaged. Moreover, this radical cell changes the genome. The consequences are terrible. Because, after the fertilization of the egg, it can be distorted, or the process can not happen at all. ”


‘Free radical’ DNA – that means attacking chromosomes on the spinal cord, its shell collapses and chromosomes may be broken.
Professor Mohammad Hamade of Saarland University examines the pathological changes in the sperm test in his ‘Reproductive Medicine’ section. Under one test, the condition of the sperm count is understood. He said, “The sperm with the sperm is already wasted. So that the sperm is not normal, that sperm is normal. It is known through the ‘tunnel test’. The fact that the DNA of the semen is broken, it can not fertilize the egg. ”
Smoking is a big issue in family planning. In this case, ‘passive smoking’ is harmful just like a direct smoker. If you keep cigarettes away, the chance of healthy sperm count increases.


Quit smoking habits very easily

1. Why smoking will lead to big addiction and why
2. How to quit smoking
3. Know, why would you quit smoking
4.6. Things to keep in mind:
Like other habits, smoking is a habit. When this habit becomes addicted, then both physical and emotional harm is severely damaged. That is why this habit should be abandoned. But those who have been addicted to the smokes cannot easily leave this habit. This is because the first step is to face some process if you quit smoking. For this reason, it becomes difficult for them to quit smoking.
Why smoking will lead to big addiction and why Smoking can be easily removed if you know when smoking becomes addictive.

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Tobacco contains a chemical called nicotine that creates this addiction. One type of hormone emitted in the body to refresh the human body. If someone smokes, then gradually the hormone emission is stopped. Tobacco uses this nicotine hormone to smoke. As a result, you will feel embarrassed when you stop smoking, and you will feel weak. Because the hormones from the body are closed due to the smoke. There is no reason to fear that this hormone will begin to emanate in a few days after the stop smoking.

How to quit smoking
After being addicted to smoking it becomes a little difficult to quit. Let’s learn some simple techniques to quit smoking.
1. Do not suddenly stop smoking, 90% of people suddenly stop smoking. In this way, very few people are successful. The rest of the people began to smoke again, feeling frustrated. So take a little time, prepare mentally, take help from others, then try to give up slowly.
Find out why you will quit smoking
Define why you should quit smoking. If you think that it will just leave it because of bad habits, then it’s a tendency to start it again. First of all, attach yourself to a firm resolve. Prepare yourself mentally. You can consult a doctor if needed.
1. According to the doctor’s suggestion, instead of tobacco, nicotine can be taken in another way.
2. Avoid smoking through regular exercise. Due to regular exercise, the demand for smoking reduces.
3. Eat more than fruits and vegetables. Focus on other foods to get rid of nicotine needs.
4. Keep yourself clean. Try to keep yourself away from the smell of tobacco. Because cigarette smoke may actually stimulate your smoking habit.
5. Things to keep in mind:


• Stay away from anything that promotes smoking.
• Do not be frustrated because the first few days will cause you little trouble. Keep your mind strong.
• We know that many things can be done through willpower, so do not want to smoke.
• Close the association with smokers. Because you might even want to see them smoking.
• At first, you can eat a cigarette if it is too much trouble, but it does not happen regularly.
• Some feedback may occur at first, for example,
• Head leg can head,
• Can cause a headache,
• Stomach problems can occur,
• It may be cold,
• May cause excessive anger,
• Not enough sleep,
• There may be lack of attention,
• Can be anxious,
• Frustration and discomfort may come,
Do not be afraid of it, because these things are not deadly;


Even if your favorite person is smoking, how do you keep him away from smoking?
Very difficult question, I do not know how to answer it !!!
However, those who smoke, it is better not to abstain from doing excessive or order advice in one day to quit smoking, because it is difficult for those who smoke to leave it in a day, maybe it is not possible, because in a person’s disease, Due to the goodness of medicines, it is not yet possible, as well as the fact that smokers have been left smoking

1) If you have a beloved person, then you should understand it repeatedly about the harmful aspects of smoking in the sweet words of the heart, but if you say it again, do not enter its head when you realize that your favorite person is happy or laughing at your face. If you have to try it, the opposite can be inverted

2) You monitor or try to know how many cigarettes he consumes daily. Explain to him today you can drink 9 cigarettes (if he drinks 10 cigarettes daily)

3) Try to understand or know if he drinks more cigarettes at any given time, and at that time you will try to give him time, (if possible)

4) If he drinks 9 liters a day from your day like that, then after 2/3 days, say again the next day to drink 8, in such a way that if it is possible to do so, then it is expected that he would be reluctant to cigarette one time. Get up

images-9-300x156 smoking facts for kids

You should remember that in order to stop cigarettes in any way with cigarettes, you cannot be over-exaggerated so that he can get excited, so in this case, it will be wise to take time/intelligence,

Quit smoking habits very easily Smoking smoking facts for kids

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