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who is the richest person in the world

Number One Richest Person In The World

who is the richest person in the world

Who has surpassed Bill Gates

There are no shops. An online website is Amazon.com.


who is the richest person in the world.you can find all everything in here. From the needle-yarn to the lipstick, the mobile phone or the song CD- you can find all here. There is a record of selling 306 products per second. Every day 31 million people chose Amazon for business. Jeff Bezos has placed this massive market on the internet. Wife’s reading of the wife’s book decided by selling books online. This idea opens the Amazon office and the empty garage of the house.

Jeff Bezos has been a billionaire for the benefit of Amazon. Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, has known all the time. The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, the online shopkeeper, tops Bill Gates.

King of the Amazon

Mother Jacques married Mike Bezos after the separation of marriage. Being the legal father, Jeff Bezos, the son of Mike Bezos, changed the name of Jeff. Jeff was four years old. He comes with his parents in Houston, Texas. Here Mike Bezos worked as the engineer of Eixon. Jeff Bezos admitted to River Oak’s Elementary School. Dada’s estate was in southern Texas. Jeff was working on the farm there. The cattle went to the fields to feed the areas. Since his childhood, he was interested in technology products, electrical matters. He later moved to Florida. Receive Silver Night Prize at Student Science Training from Florida University. Due to good results, he is also on the national merit list.After that, he finished his higher studies with electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University. At the end of the study, Wall Street took office. She chose technical work in Fidel Company. From there, go to Bankers Trust. Then took the job to investor organization on the Internet. Although hedge funds are a good income, Jeff wants to do something himself. Although the owner had requested, he left his job and forced to go to Seattle. Amazon opens in a garrison of nearly depleted car in the garage Amazon.com. The website started selling books. In the first month, he received an unimpressive response. Later, more types of quality products began sold. Shoppers order online She sent products like an address. When vendors started showing interest in selling their products on Amazon, Jeff developed a massive empire of retail products. In a few years, billions of dollars worth of products sold through Amazon. Jeff becomes rich in wealth by advertising and marketing of individual websites. Now, in every country of the world, products from Amazon are being traded. More than 3,41,000 workers in Amazon worked.Amazon only sells more than 48 million products in the United States. More than 4.85 thousand types of products sold here. Amazon has a record of selling 2.6 million products in a day. The record book says that 306 products per second sold through Amazon. Every day 31 million people make purchases here. In 2016, 13,660 million pieces of products were bought by Amazon. Jeff Bezos has built an empire that was set up on the Internet and is incredibly incredible. He is the wealthiest person in the world to top the reign of Emperor Jeff Bezos Bill Gates.

How much wealth do you have?

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 How did the bill top, Bill Gates?who is the richest person in the world

27 October 017. Friday morning Bill Gates, the world’s richest man Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos has two numbers on the list. Trading in the stock market started. In the beginning, Amazon’s share price increased. After several hours, the scene said, something new is going to happen today. So, too. Amazon shares have risen from 7 percent to 8 percent. Jeff Bezos pocketed $ 7 billion in the 8 percent increase. Bill Gates’s total assets are 90.1 billion US dollars. More than five hundred million dollars more than Jeff Bejos. But along with the clock, the wheel of fortune continued to run, Bezos continued. The speed of the share price did not stop even for a minute. On a steady basis, the share price increased 13 percent. By the end of the day, Bill Gates, who surpassed everyone, surpassed his total wealth. The ‘richly rich’ order is so pronounced with the name of Jeff Bejos. Adding nine billion US dollars, he became the richest person in the world to overtake Bill Gates. Bezos’s total assets stood at $ 93.1 billion, which is more than $ 3 billion more than Bill Gates. One day Bezos’s earnings were more than $ 10 billion. Amazon earned huge profits on that day, Amazon According to the calculation, some profits earned by Amazon at 42.1 billion dollars But the world’s most luxurious place is not new to Jeff Bejos. Three months ago for the first few hours. After almost a day, Jeff Bezos was sitting in the world’s richest man for the first time.

Father does not know the boy is the richest in the world!  who is the richest person in the world     

Jeff Bezos’s mother, Jacqueline Giss. Jacklin was just 17 years old. He reads high school. Another high school student studying teenage jackal with teenage Ted Jurgensen Ted is 18 years old. In this love, the young boys and girls are married in a hurry. Their family was born Jeff. But Ted was unable to become a sociologist even after being born. Many nights are returning to his wife in the house. His drunkenness was unbearable. Mother Jacqueline did not also see her becoming emotional for the child. They break the family in this tension. After 17 months of marriage, a separation took place separating two from marriage. Jeff has to go with Mom. Jacklin stayed with his parents for his childhood. Three years later he married Mike Bezos. Now Jeff’s new father Miguel Bezos He began to cope with the United States, leaving the refugee’s life from Cuba. Jeff’s birth father, Ted Jurgensen, lost all legal rights to the child if Miguel Jeff’s patriotism took him legally. He has to remain as a biological father. This biological father Ted Jurgensen did not find any other than his wife, Jacqueline and his son Jeff. When Jeff asked Jeff about his biological father or real father in 2013, he said, “I saw my father at the age of three years – I did not see him anymore. “Ted Jurgensen too. 47 years later when the journalist came to tell him the child, then Ted Jurgensen does not know that Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos is his child! That’s the richest in the world now!

How much money in a business?who is the richest person in the world

Before selling and selling on Amazon, nobody imagined that every corner of the world would be stunned. More than 31 million people now make Amazon purchases. Jeff Bezos earns a considerable amount of money from this business. He has spread business from that income. As one of the world’s most prominent investors, Jeff is always in the discussion. Amazon has 14 services. Food products selling Amazon Fras Kindle offers eBooks. Smart Speaker Echo Amazon is one of the most popular products. There are also a variety of studios, fire TVs, music markets, cloud storage, Alexa Websites, besides monitoring websites. There is a comicology comic download site. They are also involved in various research activities. Airbnb has the facility of renting a house. Blue Origin for Space Tours Business Insider and Washington Post contains media publication. Software firm Domo, BaseCamp, Workday, Junko is all Jeff BejosD. Web systems can create Quantum computing system. Glassine is in cancer treatment. Investments like money in research activities such as zunothoputyx. Google search engine, social media twitter bought shares everywhere. Radical Robotics – Robot Research, Safayer Energy – Energy Development and Service, Vikarkas – In a far-flung plan like the development of artificial intelligence, he has penned a lot of money in the study. In transportation, online gaming, healthcare is everywhere its business investment. He got involved in all the first row businesses.who is the richest person in the world

Dream of possession of space

Jeff Bezos has a desire to capture scope. From childhood to a Hollywood movie, the idea of going to an area through the story of the space. He is a great fan of Hollywood movie ‘StarTrack.’ Even when he was in school, he told the teacher that the future of human beings is not in this world. He believed that fiction at the age of 18. So pouring money into his dream project. In nearly 34 research activities, investor Jeff is the most discussed project without Amazon, the Blue Origin. In 2000, Jeff was on the project’s journey. His dream image says that he wants to build space in the hotel, restaurant, entertainment park. People will be roaming in a space rocket. There will be all those recreational arrangements for them. who is the richest person in the world there is a desire to make houses there too. The plan to build a small town in space is now unknown, and no one is unknown. Jeff has always said that he wants to make space travel easier for ordinary people. If people want to cut tickets, they can travel in space, they will arrange. He will also build a city that will have 20 to 30 million people living in space. These are not just words. Blue Origin has a lot of workplaces. Manned rocket tests in 2006. In his conversation with some of the top entrepreneurs and investors in 2013, is known as that he is working in a manned space business and working in the business. In 2015, he said, ‘We are not planning on getting a particular planet. I want people to go there in space, wherever they are going. I am trying to reduce the cost of this space travel. ‘In the year 2016, its research program came back in the discussion. That year he said that he used to invest about $ 1 million from Amazon.com for this research project. Expert researchers Jeff Bezos hopes to make the journey of human life more comfortable and realistic in the world.

There is no store yet the world’s largest retailer .who is the richest person in the world

Many things have been done by Jeff Bezos As the cattle have taken on the field, so did the software company. Graduated from Princeton and came to Wall Street. Being skilled at computer science, Fateel took the job. He could not decide if he was involved in other activities. From New York came to Seattle. In 1994, he noticed that in a year, about 2,300 percent of new people were involved in internet usage. He is planning to do something different as people are increasingly was aware on the Internet. Jeff’s boss was Davis Sage. Payback was good.who is the richest person in the world, Of course, he wanted to leave his job and wanted to do something himself, Jeff. She also agreed to talk to the wife, Mackenzie. The two of us fly in Texas Dad said, ‘Father, lend your car. Going to Seattle. Jeff had reached her father’s car and took her to Seattle. The Very hobby of reading his wife’s book Lots of writings He noticed that many of his wives went to the library to buy books. He thought, create a website where customers can order books on the internet. In 1994, the Amazon Garage opened in Seattle and opened Amazon’s office. The start of Amazon’s journey. The book will be delivered to the customer’s home by order on the Internet. That’s it. In the beginning, if anyone wanted to buy a book, Jeff was playing the Bell near the garage. When the neighbors rushed to the computer screen and saw this customer, no one knows his address. The book will be delivered! In the first month, order orders from 50 states of the United States came. Just what? Customers from more than 45 countries around the world have shown interest in buying books from Amazon. The order was no longer late – the book was delivered to everyone. Seeing this upswing in book sales, Jeff took the plan to sell more than 20 products through the website. In 1997 Amazon announced the ‘public’ and took it to the stock exchange. In the Amazon shoppers, crowds roam the internet jagake tremendously. who is the richest person in the world while the people continued to raise Amazon for shopping, Jeff opened the collection of various types of products on its website. Video Games, Cosmetics, Dresses, TV-Fridges … At one stage, there was nothing that is not sold on Amazon. Sellers also rely on Amazon to sell their products online. The situation is such that there is no such thing in the world that Amazon is not available! It has been heard several times to advertise his kidney, chastity; Although Amazon has removed those ads carefully, ‘What you want to buy, go to Amazon.’ With Amazon’s success, Jeff Bezos’s money fluctuates like waves of sea waves. In 2008, he invested two and a half million dollars in Google. Effective Washington Post brought in 2013. Have invested in more than 30 research activities. Amazon’s support services service is about 14.

Jeff Bezos’s Day  If you cannot finish eating two pizza, the meeting cancellation .who is the richest person in the world

Jeff Bezos does not like laziness at all Get up early in the morning. He does not need an alarm clock for this. The beginning of the day is to eat breakfast with the family. The food table must be of course his wife novelist McKenzie. They have four children. Play all about everyone. Do not meet anyone at the Bazos in the morning to give time to family and children. No matter how talented, no official meeting. Jeff’s formal conference seems to be very important, not too much. According to the family of Bezos family, Business Insider said that Amazon was not seen to spend more than 6 hours a year with significant investors. Jeff chose a style of fun when he called on Amazon’s meeting. The law can not be called the law. According to this rule, if the attendees cannot finish eating at least two pizza together in the meeting, cancel the meeting. Everyone must meet the two pizza in the conference. Although he seems to be the funny person at the office meeting, he often criticized as a harsh, angry boss. Jeff was criticized because he was not a good boss, but he also used to say that the staff ate the staff’s job. After not accepting the accusation, it is known later that Jeff Bezos has been an ‘Executive Coach’ who taught him how to use subordinate offices. But its tolerant behavior towards the workers is also known. Occasionally the office staff invited to lunch for lunch.who is the richest person in the world.
She is pretty fond of food Once sitting at the retail company ‘Camel’ founder Matt, he sat down with Jeff’s potato and ordered octopus. Order with eggs also. When asked about this reason, Jeff said, ‘I do not understand anything about this restaurant order menu. So order it. The Amazon office also has ‘Food Truck.’ Inside the interview for business insider Jeff, get in touch with this food truck. When asked about this truck, Jeff said, “This is a popular food truck. It is difficult to keep control when it comes to trucks when it comes to the truck. “Many people think of Jeff being a man with a rash, he may practice his body in the gym. However, there is no clear explanation about this. He always avoids the media. The world’s most luxurious Jeff is now 53 years old.who is the richest person in the world                         



richest person in the world who is number one richest person in the world?

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