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Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners

Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners

You can start with simple shapes. You can also draw colorful objects from memory. You can even create a character sketch. Once you’re familiar with the process, you can expand your ideas and draw more realistically. Here are a few easy drawing ideas: (1) Draw your favorite character; (2) Draw an abstract object; (3) Sketch your favorite animal; and (4) Sketch a camping area.

Simple shapes

Using simple shapes is an excellent way to start drawing. You can start with simple circles or squares, then gradually move on to more complex shapes. The more simple shapes you draw, the easier it will be to develop a sense of composition.

Colorful objects

Museums are great places to find easy drawing ideas. Check out the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History website and explore the many artifacts. There is also a virtual tour of the museum. Another fun topic to draw is ladybugs, a beneficial insect that can be a great tool for experimenting with line angles and shading. Mermaids are fictional characters that have captured the imaginations of people for centuries. You can also use random objects in your home to create a fun picture. Highway roads are also interesting to draw.

Objects from memory

To draw an object from memory, you should have the specific information you need about it. You can draw animals, for example, if you know the details of the animal. However, drawing an object from memory is not as simple as it sounds. There are certain unskills that you need to work on to improve your drawing skills.

Character sketches

For a first character sketch, there are a few ideas you can use. One of the easiest is to use shapes. Circles and ovals are great shapes to start with because they force you to keep the design simple and bare-bones. For example, a large oval can be used to depict the torso, and smaller ones can be used to delineate different parts of the body, like limbs. You can also use shapes like triangles and squares to represent certain hairstyles or hats.

Minimalist camping sites

One of the most enjoyable activities to do while camping is to draw the landscape around you. Simple sketches like a tent and tree are fun to do, and when the sketch is finished, they look fantastic. You can draw these scenes using a pencil and paper, or you can use your computer or tablet. In addition to looking good, these sketches are also great practice for learning how to draw hands, which are among the most challenging body parts to draw. This tutorial will break down the different hand shapes and movements so that you can get your hands into a drawing that’s both fun and beautiful.


Drawing skulls can be challenging, but they can also be one of the most interesting features in art. They are a great subject to draw for everything from a traditional still life to colorful pop art. Drawing skulls is also a great way to practice drawing realistic human faces. For a variety of drawing ideas, check out our gallery of realistic skull drawings, which includes both imagination drawings and real-life examples.


Drawing flowers is a great way to relax and enjoy a creative outlet. There are many different flowers to choose from and each one has a special meaning. Some flowers symbolize happiness, peace, and good fortune. These types of flowers are also widely used in floral arrangements and bouquets.


Clocks are an excellent budget-friendly piece of wall decor. You can draw your own clock using a variety of materials. A blackboard, construction paper, and a marker can all be used to create an original design. You can add decorative elements like feathers or metallic markers for more flair. Craft foam numbers or arrows can also be used for clock hands. Make sure to match the colors and proportions of the clock’s face and hands.



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