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Top 5 Free Music Apps For Android

Deezer is a long-standing free music app with a lot of features. In its free version, you can discover new artists and listen to mixes based on your tastes. Other features include lyric fetching, unlimited playlist creation, and support for Android Auto. For those who like more advanced features, there’s a Pro version, which provides better audio quality, offline listening, and Android Auto support. While the application itself is still a bit rough around the edges, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a quality free music app.


The TuneIn free music app allows you to listen to hundreds of channels from various radio stations across the globe, and is available for dozens of platforms. You can use the app to stream music on your Apple Watch, or listen to sports from your car. You can also use it to stream podcasts on Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and even wearables. TuneIn also lets you search for stations by language. There are hundreds of languages available, and you can explore podcast categories like sports, news, and music.


SoundCloud is an online audio platform that allows users to share and play tracks. Users can listen to the latest tracks or create playlists by searching the name of an artist, genre, or date. Users can also follow other users and post comments on their posts. Users can also follow podcasts and repeating tracks to keep up with what their friends are listening to. With the free SoundCloud app, anyone can share music and keep track of their favorite artists and tracks.


With the rise of streaming services, local audio players have become niche apps. Despite this, many beautiful players have popped up in recent years. The first version of Shuttle was released back in 2012, and now the developer has rolled out an updated version, S2 Music Player. Here are some of the best features of this app. If you like music on the go, you will definitely love Shuttle. Read on to discover the best music player for your Android device.

Jango Radio

If you are looking for a free music app, Jango should be on your list. With its wide variety of songs, Jango is an excellent choice for listeners of all tastes. This app has a dedicated “Recent Stations” tab that keeps track of the stations you’ve most recently listened to. You can also bookmark stations that you’ve liked and save them to your favorites list for later. In addition to the diverse range of music, Jango also lets you listen to music from other artists.


The iHeartRadio free music app offers more than 800 regional radio stations and a custom-built radio station maker. It also offers genre-specific stations, such as news, tech, comedy, and sports. It also offers a library of 15 million songs. Its user-generated stations feature unique extras like song ratings. It is not the best-looking app, but it has a respectable following and a decent feature set.


SONGily is a free music app that allows users to download and listen to various songs. Users can search for songs by song name, album or artist. Once a song is found, tapping the search button will show a list of songs that are available in the database. Tap the song to play or download it. The downloaded version of the song can be saved to the device. The app also lets users find the lyrics of any song.

Audials Play

You’ve probably downloaded the free Audials Play music app to enjoy your favorite tracks on the go. This music app has a huge library and lets you organize your content by genre, album, and artist. Using the Power-Search function, you can find the music you’re looking for and create your own playlists. Not only that, but you can add lyrics and cover art to your favorite songs, or automatically rename them for your convenience.

Amazon Music

If you enjoy listening to music, then you may be interested in Amazon’s new free music app, AmazonMusic. Available on iOS and Android, Amazon Music offers free access to thousands of music stations and playlists. The free version offers advertisements and limited offline playback. However, it does come with many additional features. One such feature is the ability to create your own playlists. There are no limits to the number of songs you can save and play at once, either.

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