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Hol Up Memes

Stickers! The Hol Up Memes collection of stickers is super stickered and removable. You can stick them to your phone case, laptop, journal, guitar, water bottle, and windows. You can even stick them to your skateboard, helmet, and water bottle! You can also place them on walls and other surfaces, like cars and skateboards. Hol Up Memes stickers are available for both kids and adults! Here are some of the sites that post Hol Up Memes stickers.

Image macros

A recent trend in memes has been using image macros to illustrate characters from the hit television show Fat Albert. Like the Wayment meme, Hol Up memes are racial in nature. Similar to the Wayment, these memes are exploitable and have gained huge popularity on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Here’s a look at three of the most popular meme formats. In addition to a caption, Hol Up image macros can also be used to make a statement.

In a nutshell, memes are Internet images that contain a catchphrase or witty message. They started as LOLcats in the mid-2000s and have gained in popularity ever since. A few common animal-themed image macros are o RLY owl, lolcats, and the hilariously twisted “every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten.”


These sticker sheets are removable, super sticky, and perfect for phone cases, notebooks, computer walls, skateboards, guitars, and more. You’ll love the Hol Up Memes stickers you’ll find on your laptop, water bottle, or computer! They will brighten your life and let you share your love of the Hol Up Memes wherever you go! And if you’re feeling really hip, you can buy stickers for your guitar, skateboard, helmet, and more!

Web sites that have posted hol up memes

Hol Up! is an image macro meme format that is used to convey confusion, much like the Wait, That’s Illegal template. The meme originated on Reddit in the Autumn of last year, but it’s been spreading like wildfire ever since. In recent years, many variants of the Hol Up meme have appeared online, including ones depicting Vault Boy from the Fallout series. During the past year, the subreddit r/HolUp was launched, but the memes have appeared on other Web sites as well.


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