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How to Hide Razor Under the Tongue

How to Hide Razor Under the Tongue

Are you looking for a way to conceal the razor blade? Here are some ways to do just that. Read on to discover how to conceal the razor blade under the tongue. Having a sharp blade in your mouth can be a serious safety hazard. But don’t worry, there are ways to hide the blade and still get a perfect shave. The following methods can help you avoid this embarrassing situation.

How to conceal razor blade in mouth

You may be wondering, how to conceal razor blade in mouth? You may have noticed that some people try to hide their razor in their hair. Well, it may be possible to fit a stanley knife blade in your mouth, but that is extremely dangerous and can cause severe damage to your skin. The best way to conceal a razor blade in your mouth is to hold the non-sharp side between your teeth.

Ways to conceal razor blade in mouth

Whether you’re in jail or on the street, there are a variety of ways to conceal a razor blade. Some people use wet toilet paper or simply smear it flat on a wall. Many other people use tissue, such as an old newspaper, which keeps the blade out of sight. Prison inmates are famous for keeping a razor in their mouth. It’s like magic. But it can also be very dangerous.


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