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How To Hide The Emperors Child

How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 48

In the novel, How To Hide The Emperor’s Child, Chapter 48 marks a crucial turning point in the story. The protagonist Astell is getting ready to leave the emperor’s palace and move to another province. Although her father, a dreadful tyrant, has refused to offer her any help in the move, her grandfather is accompanying her on her journey. Despite this, Astell is still elated at the prospect of leaving the palace and moving to the countryside.

Astelle must decide whether to keep her son’s identity secret from hostile forces and from his father

The one-day empress of the empire, Astelle, has just divorced her husband and is raising her son on her own. The empire is still reeling from a rebellion, so the young empress and her son are living a peaceful life in the countryside. However, the emperor wants to conquer Meilen and wants to gain Astelle’s consent to do so. Astelle must make a difficult decision, as her son’s identity is still a secret from his father and hostile forces.

Astelle has always dreamed of being beautiful and elegant, so she has devoted herself to learning the art of dancing. She has perfected her movements and gestures, and Kaizen compliments her every move. But despite the fact that she has a beautiful son, she has never attended a ball, and she is not at all happy with the circumstances.

Kaizen helps the emperor grant her request

Kaizen is a young man who is helping the emperor grant the empress’s request to hide her son. The Marquis of Kalenberg had recently been sent away from the capital city because of illness, so he is unable to meet his grandson. The crowd is curious about the health of the Marquis de Kalenberg, and he wants to know if he is still alive.

While Kaizen had intended to stay longer in the capital, he changed his plans when the marquis became ill. The marquis is Astelle’s maternal grandfather. The marquis’s illness led Astelle to leave earlier than expected. When Kaizen heard this, he became angry and aimed his anger at the marquis.

Astelle asks her grandfather and nephew to go back first

After the ball, Emperor Kaizen is feeling low. Astelle is having a picnic with the child, which is the cause of the Emperor’s grumpiness. Seeing this, Astelle publicly asks for the Emperor’s permission to send her nephew and maternal grandfather home. However, Kaizen denies her request. Vellian, however, understands the Emperor’s motive and realizes that he had intended to use the child to keep Astelle.

In reality, Sigmund was the Emperor’s son and Astelle was the child’s real mother. Until her marriage to Kaizen, the maid had lived in Astelle’s mother’s house. She was even registered as the child’s mother on official documents. Later, she married a rich merchant and was living well. Astelle sent the documents to Kaizen, who ordered a blood test.

The emperor lies to the emperor to protect their child

When Caligula was a teenager, there were rumors of ancestral relations between him and his sister, Drusilla. As a result, Tiberius wanted Caligula’s loyalty, and sent him to the island of Capri. There, he was treated like a prince and was kept captive.

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