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Joe Biden in a Bike Accident

Joe Biden in a Bike Accident

Vice President Joe Biden was recently involved in a bike accident while on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. While riding his bicycle with his wife Jill Biden and the secret service, the vice president accidentally fell off his bike. As a result, his foot got caught in the toe cage of his right pedal. Biden’s foot broke and he was unable to support himself. His fall was an unexpected one and had no obvious consequences.

Biden’s foot got caught in a toe cage on his right pedal

Vice President Joe Biden was biking in Rehoboth Beach when he fell from his bike. The fall caused his foot to become trapped in the toe cage on his right pedal. As he fell, Secret Service agents rushed to his side. The vice president remained on the ground for ten seconds before Secret Service agents helped him get up. He was later seen interacting with the crowd and bringing out his dog, Commander.

Joe Biden’s bike accident was minor, but it was still a shocking event. Biden was wearing bright blue shoes, a grey T-shirt, navy shorts, and a white helmet when he was involved in the accident. His wife, Dr. Biden, was not injured in the accident, and even saw the accident, but later explained to reporters that Biden’s foot was caught in the toe cage and he had to stop.

Biden broke a foot while playing with his pet German shepherds

President-elect Joe Biden suffered hairline fractures in his right foot over the Thanksgiving holiday while playing with his pet German shepherd, Major. The injury was serious, but not life-threatening, and he will likely need a walking boot for several weeks. The Democrat’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, says Biden will be able to return to his normal exercise routine after the injury.

The fracture is called a “hairline foot fracture,” which is a break in the bone that causes pain and may worsen over time. Usually, hairline foot fractures are caused by repetitive activity. The injury Biden suffered came about when he was playing with Major, a rescue dog from the Delaware Humane Association. The Bidens also have another German shepherd named Champ. They are planning to bring a cat to the White House during the transition.

Biden blames “Putin’s pavement” for his fall

Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates defended Biden’s fitness claim on Twitter. While the crash could have been due to a stuck pedal, it’s also possible that the fall was caused by exhaustion or heat exertion. Either way, the Internet will have plenty of fun with Biden’s excuse.

Trump mocks Biden in video

A fake Trump video has gone viral that shows the US President mocking Joe Biden’s bike accident. Biden was biking near his Delaware beach home when he fell off, but he was not seriously injured. His fall was a result of pulling his foot out of a bike clip, according to the video. The video is widely circulated among Trump supporters.

The video has been shared thousands of times on social media. It has also spawned multiple memes and reactions. One Twitter user responded to the video with a hilarious gif. In three days, theranchgod received 6,400 likes for his “Trump moment.” Another Twitter user photoshopped Biden’s bike with Hello Kitty decals and training wheels.

Biden’s health is the subject of constant attention

Joe Biden’s health is always in the news and speculation is rife about whether he will run for a second term in 2024. While he blamed the spill on gusts of wind, he has been the subject of constant media attention. However, a recent fall has cast doubt on his long-term future.

While one-in-five U.S. adults follow news about Biden’s health very closely, the level of coverage varies considerably across media types. Those who rely exclusively on left-leaning media sources were the least likely to follow news about the administration closely. On the other hand, those who turn to right-leaning media were twice as likely to follow the administration closely.


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