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Losing Members at LA Fitness? Here’s What You Can Do

LA Fitness is a health club chain with more than 700 clubs across the United States and Canada. Founded in 1984, the company is based in Irvine, California. Despite the recent loss of members, the company has big plans to expand its Evanston presence. You can read more about these plans in this article.

Losing members at l&a fitness

Losing members at LA Fitness may not be the worst thing you can do. You can always mail in a cancellation form and request a refund of your monthly dues. Just make sure to postmark your request at least five days before your next billing cycle. The gym does not charge any cancellation fees if you do this in time. However, if you signed up for a term contract, you may be responsible for paying part of your dues until your term expires.

Several months ago, LA Fitness closed several of its locations nationwide due to the coronavirus. The closure of the gyms prompted a class-action lawsuit filed by former members. The lawsuit claims that LA Fitness did not refund members their membership fees. The lawsuit alleges that the company was negligent, wrongful, and unjust.

Class action lawsuit filed against 24 Hour Fitness

A Class Action Lawsuit has been filed against the nation’s largest privately owned fitness center, 24 Hour Fitness. The lawsuit claims that the fitness company improperly classifies its managers as “exempt,” which results in them not being paid the required overtime or minimum wage. The suit states that the managers were overworked, and they performed tasks that normally would be the responsibility of “non-exempt” employees.

In its defense, 24 Hour asserts that it did not engage in the wrongful behavior. It argues that the question of whether the fitness center was negligent was a matter of law, as the plaintiffs had alleged in their summary judgment pleadings. It also argues that the evidence was liberally construed, and all doubts were resolved in favor of the plaintiffs.

Changes in the Evanston health club climate

Changes in the health club climate in Evanston are evident in a variety of ways. For example, the former LA Fitness closed its doors in mid-April due to low sales of new memberships and rising costs of doing business in the city. The location was about 58,000 square feet and rented for more than $ 2 million a year. Its membership dropped from 5,000 to 3,500.

Evanston is a suburb of Chicago that has an extensive downtown area that is located around a Metra stop and adjacent to Northwestern University. The downtown area has over 300 businesses and includes several high-rise office buildings. It also has three low-rise shopping districts and over 85 restaurants. The downtown area is roughly bordered by Emerson Street and Dempster Street to the north and by the lake to the south. A CTA station is located on Howard Street, which is a transfer point for many routes.

Plans to open a new location in Evanston

A new location of Blended Café is coming to Evanston. The cafe is popular with Northwestern students, including students who are interested in a career in sports. In the near future, the café hopes to partner with Northwestern athletics. SESP sophomore Sarah Kushner is excited for the new café to open.

The former Evanston LA Fitness closed in mid-April because of low sales of new memberships and high costs associated with operating in Evanston. The space was 58,000 square feet and was costing more than two million dollars a year in rent. The gym’s membership dwindled from 5,000 to 3,500 members.



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