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The Muly App
A scalable and nimble short video app for Android, Muly is a cloud deployment option. It supports
personal access tokens and an admin panel that’s reactive and based on material design principles.
algorithm keeps track of the number of unwatched videos and reshuffles them based on their frequency.
The app is ideal for children’s social media profiles, where verified users should be shown first.
Express helps children express their views and feelings in a fun
digital way
Muly Express is an award-winning educational app that empowers children to communicate clearly and
confidently. Its engaging design includes expressive pictures and sound effects to support children’s
written language
. This educational app is free to download and uses an interactive notebook format to
encourage participation in learning and social care. It even allows children to create their own one-page
profile in minutes! The best part is that children can start writing right away, even before they have
finished their first sentences!
It is a social media platform
The Muly app is a social networking app that connects you with other users. You can connect with people
and share photos and videos with them. The app features group video chats and the ability to view single
videos. Users can join groups and engage in discussions about their favorite brands. Users can also create
polls and share their favorite GIFs. It’s a great social media tool for kids. Muly is available in both the
Apple Store and Google Play.

It is a scalable and zoomable short video app
In the past, video conferencing apps were only for road warriors and remote workers. Now, millions of
people use video conferencing on a daily basis. With Zoom, you can enjoy a full suite of features with an
incredibly generous free plan. And if you’re not sure whether video conferencing is the right choice for
you, here are some pros and cons to consider. Zoom’s ease of use and generous free plan make it an
excellent option for those who don’t have much experience with modern technology.


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