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Roland Jd-xi Free Presets

Roland JD-Xi Presets

The Roland JD-Xi synthesizer is capable of producing some truly stunning sounds, despite its small size. The manufacturer has been making great synths for a very long time, and is responsible for many classics. However, there were a few aspects of the synthesizer that were lacking in the standard JD-Xi presets. The users that created these free presets have experience using Roland hardware synths, so they were aware of the limitations of the JD-Xi and wanted to bring some of those elements into the software version.

Roland’s Supernatural synthesis

If you’re looking for some quality synthesis sounds, you can find them for free in the content store of the Roland Jupiter-80. The synth is a 16-part module with three independent sound chains: an oscillator, a filter, and an LFO. Combined, the three sound chains can generate 27 different oscillators and nine separate oscillators. Its acoustic sound engine is SuperNATURAL, which was developed by Roland to recreate classic synth sounds and organic acoustic sounds.

The FA series, the current flagship synth keyboard workstation from Roland, features over 2000 synth patches from the Integra-7 family. It offers powerful DAW-like sequencing and sampling capabilities, and tons of great sounding effects. Axial’s website also features video demos and sounds of the synth in action. You can use the sounds on your keyboard or sample it with a USB flash drive. The synth sounds are very similar to the sounds of the Juno series, D-50, and SH-101.

Four simultaneous effects sections

The four simultaneous effects sections on the Roland JD-Xi make this a powerful drum machine. Each part and voice of the drum kit can be processed by the JDXi, which has two insert and two send effects. While these sections are powerful, they are not enough for every permutation. The free presets for the JDXi can help you make the most of this drum machine.

The Roland JD-Xi comes with a large, 57-x-24 cm front panel. Its Supernatural synthesis algorithm generates PCM-based sounds. Its envelopes include pitch, filter, and amplifier. The 16 PCM wave names make editing the sound easier than ever. Axial’s sound library includes free presets for the JD-Xi and many other Roland synths.

Compact size

The compact size and powerful Roland JD-Xi synthesizer offers many features in a small, portable package. Although there are a few minor flaws, the instrument’s feature set is nearly unmatched for its price range. As an added bonus, it is inspiring to use while performing, and it offers basic live controls and a crossover concept for easy music production.

The Roland JD-Xi offers a powerful four-track pattern sequencer that can be used in conjunction with its enormous onboard sound library. You can record in real time or step-recording modes, and create your own loops using preset patterns. There is also a TR-REC mode that emulates the sound of Roland’s TR-series beatboxes.

In addition to the sound engine, the JD-Xi also features a gooseneck microphone that plugs into the XLR jack on the top panel. You can also replace the built-in microphone with a dynamic one if desired. The 1/4-inch input jack is also available for use with external microphones. The JD-Xi features many useful tools for musicians: a voice recorder, drum kit and a gooseneck mic.

Real-time recording

A JD-Xi microphone input has moved to the rear of the keyboard. It offers auto-pitch and vocoding functions as its predecessor, and a built-in 48V phantom power preamp. This audio interface can route the mic’s signal into the analog part mixer section or act as a modulation source. A series of presets are available for different sounds.

The JD-Xi has 256 internal programs. The synth stores 16 presets per bank, and the JD-Xi can store 256 sounds with a USB flash drive. Fortunately, a firmware update released in July populated all 16 banks with presets. The result is a rich library of sounds reminiscent of the JD-800, D-50, and JP-8000. The synth’s EQ, delay, and compression are all reminiscent of the Roland’s legendary D-50 stack.

The JD-Xi has a huge selection of onboard sounds and a pattern sequencer that makes it easy to create rich-sounding loops. The synth’s TR-REC mode lets you record audio in the style of the Roland TR-series beatboxes. This EQ allows you to adjust the volume of your sound while recording. The JD-Xi’s free presets and tutorials help you to get started recording and mastering EDM music.

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