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Showbiz Cinemas

Showbiz Cinemas is a Dallas-based chain of movie theaters with seven locations. Recently, EVO Entertainment Group, the investment vehicle of oil wildcatter Bryan Sheffield, acquired 100% of the chain’s stock in an all-cash deal. Showbiz Cinemas is a competitor of Cinemark, the largest movie theater chain in the country.

Kevin Mitchell is the founder

The founder of ShowBiz Cinemas, Kevin Mitchell, has a history in the theater industry. While he was young, he helped his father run a theater. He worked at a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show as a teenager. After high school, Mitchell started a construction business, but missed the thrill of running a theater. He also missed the interaction with customers.

The idea of opening family entertainment centers caught the imagination of Mr. Mitchell, who was one of the first movie theater operators to take the idea seriously. Today, ShowBiz Cinemas operates 93 movie screens and 56 bowling lanes in nine locations in three states. The founder plans to open two or three more locations a year. ShowBiz Cinemas also has a commitment to charity, including being on the board of the Chuck Norris Kickstart Kids Foundation and Variety – The Children’s Charity.

Rob Warnes is the president and CEO

Rob Warnes, the president and CEO of ShowBiz cinemas, is one of the most influential people in the industry. In his position, he oversees the general operations of the company, including budgets and protocol. He also oversees the hiring and training of employees. Warnes’ previous experience includes working as a digital services manager at Rave Motion Pictures, where he helped coordinate the purchase of more than 900 digital screens at over 60 locations across the country. He also managed some of these locations and trained managers. Before joining ShowBiz cinemas, Rob Warnes had worked for Cinemark, where he was named to the President’s Gold Club five times.

Today, ShowBiz Cinemas owns 43 screens and plans to expand its circuit to 86 screens. It is one of the largest privately-owned movie theater companies in Texas. The company also plans to open boutique bowling centers for families, and corporate events.

Packages can be customized

If you’re looking for a unique cinematic experience, ShowBiz cinemas offers a variety of packages. You can customize the number of movies you see and how much you spend on each. You can even bring your own DVDs for the theater’s DVD player. This allows you to watch movies that aren’t available on the theater’s regular DVD rack.

When purchasing your tickets, it’s important to read the terms and conditions and check for any additional restrictions. Some vouchers are only valid for a certain date, so be sure to check for these before you purchase. The expiry date of your voucher will be printed on the voucher, so be sure to check this. Once you’ve purchased your tickets, you can either use them in person at the Customer Service Counter or redeem them online. Keep in mind that Movie Money is not valid for Drive-Ins, so make sure to read the terms carefully.

Movies are fast-paced

Showbiz cinemas have seven locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It was founded by Kevin Mitchell, a long-time exhibition industry veteran. Its nine entertainment venues feature 89 screens and 70 bowling lanes. The brand aims to offer a fast-paced entertainment experience that appeals to a wide range of movie-goers.



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