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The Daily Mail is enhancing its showbiz coverage

The Daily Mail is Hiring!

The Daily Mail is hiring! Here’s your chance to work for them from home. Read on to learn more about Sara Nathan, Femail, and the future of remote jobs at the Daily Mail. And, don’t worry if you’re a workaholic, because this magazine has plenty of flexible work opportunities!


The Daily Mail is enhancing its showbiz coverage by adding a dedicated section for women. The new editor, Andrea Magrath, will be responsible for producing local stories and overseeing the new team. She recently returned to Sydney after living in London for five years, where she worked for MailOnline for two and a half years. After that, she was seconded to the Mail’s Los Angeles bureau.

Sara Nathan

Sara Nathan will be the first US showbiz editor at large for the Daily Mail, the newspaper has announced. Her move is part of the company’s plans to expand its Mail Online operation. The newspaper is already the largest newspaper website in the UK, with 94 million unique monthly browsers. The move will give Sara an opportunity to compete with US showbiz websites.

Future of remote jobs at Daily Mail

The future of remote working has many positives, but the future of work from home can also lead to negative outcomes. Experts say that working from home can create social divisions and can increase the gender pay gap. In addition, while the government has relaxed rules around working from home, employers still have the power to make you come back to the office and pay you less than you would if you were in the office. As such, companies risk creating a two-tier system of workers.

Microsoft recently announced that it was phasing out its offices in the UK, despite a work from home order lifted on March 14. However, the new wave of Covid cases isn’t in force yet. For instance, the Department of Work and Pensions has 2,066 full-time employees, and has a hybrid working policy that allows staff to spend at least 40 per cent of their time working in the office.



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