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The Game invades the earth – Chapter 25

The Game Invades the Earth – Chapter 25

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The newest episode of the manga series The Game Invades the Earth is now online. The new chapter is entitled Illusion, and the plot revolves around two alpha males, John.John and Lloyd Austin, both U.S. Navy SEALS, try to understand why they are attracted to each other. This novel is part of a series, and the author has sold some of her work on Taobao.


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In this manga, we meet a pair of alpha males who are trying to figure out the attraction between them. One is Lloyd Austin, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, while the other is John Wilson. Both are trying to work out the attraction that is between them. However, both men are trying to make sure they don’t become enamored with each other. They both have a special award from the American Institute of Physics, which makes them even more attractive to one another.

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The manga begins with an explanation of how the earth was overtaken by an evil game called “Fantasy New World.” The world has undergone tremendous changes, and a sky tree over ten thousand meters high has appeared on the coast. In addition, a huge pit fifty kilometers across has appeared in the heart of the world, and various monsters have been unleashed on the world. The game has also created a large amount of gamers with various powers to battle these monsters. When this happened, the world’s inhabitants began to resist the invasion of the Game Invades the Earth manga.


The Game Invades the Earth Chapter 25 is now available to read online! You can find the latest chapter of this manga at Kuma Translation. You can also sign up for the manga’s daily updates to keep up with the latest chapters. This manga can be read with free MangaReader subscriptions. Here are the steps to download the latest chapter:


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