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The Luminous Battery ILTT 18000N is an impressive product

Luminous Battery Review – Best Battery For Home

The Luminous battery is a great choice if you are looking for a battery to power your home. Not only does it have a long lifespan, but it also has a low cost. It also comes in several varieties. Depending on how much you need to power, you can choose from the RC25000, the ILTT26060, or the LPTT12100H.


The Luminous Battery ILTT 18000N is an impressive product. It has some unique features like anti-corrosion proprietary spine alloy, puncture resistant polyethylene separator, and oxidation resistant gauntlet. Moreover, the battery has a robust design and comes with a 30-month warranty. If you are looking to replace your old batteries, the Luminous Battery ILTT 18000N will not disappoint.

Luminous is no doubt the largest and most well-known manufacturer of inverters and solar products in India. With 7 manufacturing units in the country, the company employs 6000 people. Some of the products include the ILTT 18000N, a line of SF Sonic UPS and batteries, and the Microtek iClock 680 fingerprint attendance system.

RC18000 150Ah

The Luminous Red Charge RC 18000 150AH is one of the best inverter batteries for home use. This device is highly reliable and can be used to run an array of home appliances. It offers excellent backup power and is easy to install. With a maximum capacity of 150 Ah, this battery is capable of delivering 2300W of energy and a continuous backup of 6 hours.

The battery features an innovative tubular-plate design. It has a high electrolyte volume and a better charge and discharge property. Combined with a strong spine technology, it is durable and can withstand frequent power cuts. Moreover, it has a long service life and comes with a 36 month warranty.

LPTT12100H 100Ah

Luminous is the best of the rest and the most trusted name in battery power. The company has seven manufacturing units in India and the globe and it serves more than a million customers. It makes a variety of batteries including the tall and short tubular variants. Some of its other products include inverters and other cool stuff like solar panels. They are the first company in India to bring solar power to the masses.

Luminous is also the best of the best when it comes to customer service. The company employs over 6000 people across its six manufacturing sites. For instance, their Red Charge RC 25000 200 Ah tall tubular has an impressive 36 month warranty. Also, if you are in the market for a premium quality battery, you can’t go wrong with the Luminous Shakti Charge SC18054 150Ah Tall Tubular.

ILTT26060 220Ah

The Luminous ILTT26060 220Ah battery is a great way to power the house during a power outage. It is also an ideal choice for UPS systems, security alarms and industrial electronics. It has the capacity to power up to 3 lights and 3 fans at the same time. As it is made of high quality materials, it is durable enough to withstand the rigors of your everyday life.

The Luminous ILTT26060 comes with a lot of features to boot. For starters, it has a proprietary spine alloy composition and a well-designed gauntlet. There are also multiple smart features such as a temperature controlled internal cooling system and a fully sealed housing. These features ensure that the battery remains in top notch shape for years to come.

RC25000 200 Ah

A battery powered inverter can give you years of trouble free service. But not all batteries are created equal. Luminous has come up with a power backup solution that is both efficient and reliable. It has a capacity of 200Ah, making it ideal for flip inverters and security alarm systems. Besides, it comes with a warranty of 18 and 18 months, making it one of the best choices in this price range.

A Luminous RC25000 200 Ah Tubular Inverter Battery is a good choice for those looking for a long-lasting battery that offers the maximum performance. The battery itself is well designed, with a tubular plate design to ensure it will last a lifetime. And it is easy to fit beneath your inverter, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a backup source.

RC25000 ST

There are many brands of batteries available in the market but the best one is Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 200 Ah. It is a low maintenance, durable tubular battery that can be used for a variety of applications. The advanced tubular plate technology ensures that the battery is charged and discharged properly to provide uninterrupted power.

With the help of this battery, the inverter can function properly. The tubular plates are manufactured using high quality materials, which ensures maximum durability. This battery is made of a unique patented alloy composition and is very strong. In addition, it is extremely durable and can withstand high temperatures.



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