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Todays Final Jeopardy Answer

Today’s Final Jeopardy Answer

In today’s final Jeopardy! round, two players are tied with the same score. It was an even contest between Ryan Long and Eric Ahasic, but Ahasic won because he guessed the name of Dan Brown’s book Inferno, which is about slavery and the abolition of slavery. They both guessed the name of Harriet Tubman, who was an abolitionist, and Frederick Douglass, who helped free slaves.


Inferno is the fourth book in Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series. It takes its name from Dante’s Divine Comedy, which was written seven centuries earlier. It has since been adapted into a movie, starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones. If you haven’t read it, now is a great time to catch up. The show returns to television on June 7 and features one-day champion Eric Ahasic.

Harriet Tubman

The last time you heard the name Harriet Tubman, you might have been a little confused. While she was an abolitionist, she also freed slaves through the Underground Railroad. She later served as a nurse and Union spy during the Civil War. Today’s Final Jeopardy answer was “A woman named Harriet Tubman.”

Megan Wachspress, an interpreter from Columbia, Maryland, was the winner of today’s game of “Jeopardy!” She beat Sadie Goldberger and Molly Fleming by about $6,500, and was rewarded with $2,300. The two competitors argued about the answer but Megan Goldberger nodded in agreement. Megan’s answer was correct, but many “Jeopardy!” fans disagreed.

Frederick Douglass

Megan Wachspress beat Sadie Goldberger and Molly Fleming to win Jeopardy! tonight! The correct answer to the question was Frederick Douglass. Both women lost $2,300, but Megan came in first, ahead of Molly Fleming by $6,500. Megan’s answer was right, but Sadie missed the mark by one letter. Her answer was incorrect, and she won the prize anyway!

The answer to the final Jeopardy question today is Frederick Douglass. This historic woman was an early abolitionist, and many of her achievements were attributed to her work as a slave. The first clue on this episode featured a quotation from her biography, “I Have Worn a Mask.” In the second clue, Douglass wrote, “Then, after much labor, I will be free of slavery.”

Dan Brown’s Inferno

If you love Dan Brown’s novels, you’ll recognize the title as the fourth Robert Langdon novel. However, if you don’t, you may not be aware that Inferno is also based on an Italian Jeopardy poem. In fact, the clue to today’s Jeopardy! question referred to Dante’s Divine Comedy. Eric Ahasic and Elaine Hesser were among the three people who got it right.

Dan Brown is the author of many books, including “The Da Vinci Code.” This book was well received because of its seamless blend of fact and fiction. His latest novel, Inferno, takes that idea a step further by trying to match modern issues within an archaic culture. The book, however, is not as successful as its predecessor, but it is still a good read.

While Dan Brown’s Inferno was a worldwide best-seller, the title is not as memorable. The book is loosely based on Dante’s Inferno, a poem written 700 years earlier. In a similar manner, the Big Brother candidates face a choice in the final jeopardy round. They can either choose to risk losing their gains for the day, or forgo the final round and keep their winnings.

The Lost Symbol was picked up for a pilot at NBC last year, and now moves to the Peacock network. Ashley Zukerman is playing Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who was previously portrayed by Tom Hanks in three movies based on the novel. However, there are no official details yet on the premiere date and episode count.


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