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What is Cannabichromene?

Many people have heard of the potential benefits of cannabidiol, also known as CBD. However, there is another product of cannabis that is now being studied for its positive effects on human health. This is known as Cannabichromene, and it can be found in a wide range of broad spectrum CBC and CBD products today.

Benefits of Cannabichromene

Cannabichromene is also known as CBC. It has a number of benefits for health, including studies that show it is an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic, meaning it can help relieve pain.

In addition, broad spectrum CBC does not contain any THC or very little traces of it. This means that people can use CBC products without experiencing any of the psychoactive effects common with THC, such as paranoia and heightened mood.

This might also be why CBC was shown to be incredibly helpful, along with Delta-9, in reducing symptoms of depression in one study. Other studies also found that CBC had a positive effect on the neuroreceptors, or brain cells, of mice, translating to real-world positive effects for humans.

Why Isn’t CBC Used More?

The effects of CBC are only barely being understood. In addition, CBC is the third most common compound in Marijuana, and it is only present due to a recessive gene in the plant. However, you can now find more products containing a mix of broad spectrum CBC and CBD, which can work together to create a powerful substance that induces relaxation and clarity.

The effects of CBD are already well-known, but to summarize, they include:

  • Improve anxiety
  • Improve depression
  • Alleviate symptoms of insomnia
  • Fight against chronic pain
  • Improve overall quality of life

By combining CBD and CBC, people can enjoy the benefits of enhancements in focus, ability to de-stress, and improved mental stamina.


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